Healthy sleep

Stays are offered to those who are looking for interesting places and unique experiences and who would like to spend their time in an unusual manner or see how their body responds to the stimuli of the underground environment. Overnight stays in the mine underground are a combination of a sleep-over in the particular, therapeutic microclimate of salt excavations and relaxation, mental and physical rest and unforgettable impressions.

Here, there is no pollution in which the environment on the surface abounds today; there are no allergens, bacteria and fungi, or harmful electromagnetic radiation, either. Stays are organised in the Eastern Mountains' Stable Chamber, which used to be a real stable, in which horses were still kept in the early twentieth century, working in salt mine excavations. At present, it performs the role of a modern treatment chamber - a "natural inhaler" with underground brine graduation towers, a reading room and comfortable beds.

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Worth knowing

  • The offer is intended for individual tourists or groups.
  • 28 spaces are available (14 double boxes with one bed each).
  • Overnight stays are available for adults and children over the age of 4. Children can use the overnight stay only under the supervision of an adult, who must also pay for an overnight stay underground. 
  • Participants assembly - 7:10 PM at the Regis Shaft entrance (near the fountain)
    Return to the surface - 7:25 AM.
  • Distance to the Eastern Mountains Stable Chamber from Regis pit shaft - approx. 700 metres.
  • Temperature inside the Eastern Mountains Stable Chamber: 13-14.5°C
  • Participants should bring along a warm tracksuit and comfortable footwear, as well as a second pair of shoes. We recommend bringing your own food.
  • Smoking and drinking alcohol is strictly forbidden.
  • Prior reservation is required for the selected night, payment of the deposit serves as a confirmation of the reservation. The offer is non-refundable.
  • We reserve the right to change the date of your reservation or to cancel it for reasons beyond control of the Health Resort. In such cases, the deposit shall be refunded. 

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