• the stock company founded by doctor Feliks Boczkowski opens first bath facilities at the mine. The patients have at their disposal 12 well-furnished rooms: they can take baths in brine, and also salt mud and sulphur water brought from the neighbouring area. The treatment offer is soon enriched by steam baths. A park is established where patients, according to the tradition of world-famous resorts, can relax and listen to music played by an orchestra.

    • Krakow insurrection breaks out. Insurgent fighting and armed struggle hamper the development of the sanatorium and stop the influx of patients.

    • during a cholera epidemic, Dr. Feliks Boczkowski dies helping victims in Wieliczka.

    • the Salt Baths building is erected in the Empress Elisabeth Park (now Kinga Park), where balneological activities are conducted.

    • Professor Mieczyslaw Skulimowski becomes the official physician of the "Wieliczka" Salt Mine and starts regular treatment of patients in the salt chambers, initiating a new field of medicine – subterraneotherapy, soon to be also called the Skulimowski method.

    • Poland's and world's first facility of the kind, the underground "Kinga" Allergy Treatment Spa is created in the "Wieliczka" Salt Mine, than renamed the "Kinga" Health Resort Hospital. Professor Skulimowski becomes its first director and chief.

    • the unit providing treatment in salt chambers on the Level V of the "Wieliczka" Salt Mine receives legal status, becoming a division of the Krynica - Zegiestow State Health Resort.

    • the Wieliczka spa is incorporated in the Szczawnica - Kroscienko Health Resort.

    • Wieliczka is recognised as a spa town by the Polish Council of Ministers decree.

    • the spa becomes a branch of the Krakow Spa Complex. Treatment is initially carried out in the Lebzeltern Chamber, then in the Appelshoffen, Boczkowski and Kosciuszko chambers located on Level V of the mine.

    • the spa is extended to new chambers: Lill and Skulimowski - at a depth of 211 m (Level V of the mine).

    • a Ministry of Internal Affairs (MSWiA) Fitness and Rehabilitation centre operates in the mine, later transformed into the Rehabilitation Department of MSWiA Hospital in Krakow.

    • the Underground Rehabilitation - Treatment is created out of the structures of the "Wieliczka" Salt Mine as an independent Health Care Facility, remaining a unit of the “Wieliczka” Salt Mine Tourist Route Ltd.

    • the Underground Rehabilitation and Treatment Centre is awarded the International ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management in Health Care in the field of the treatment of respiratory diseases and allergies in adults and children.

    • the Centre is awarded the prestigious ODYS award for 2004 by the Krakow Chamber of Tourism for the best offer in youth tourism - the "Lesson of Health in the Wieliczka Salt Mine." project

    • by the decision of the Minister of Health, the "Wieliczka" Salt Mine is recognised as an underground spa.

    • the Centre is renamed from Wieliczka Salt Mine Underground Rehabilitation and Treatment Centre to the "Wieliczka" Salt Mine Health Resort.

    • Confirming therapeutic properties of Wieliczka brines.

    The Mine receives a certificate confirming therapeutic properties of Wieliczka brines. The water flowing from two underground sources (W-VII-16 and W-VI-32) can be used, amongst other, for bathing and production of saline aerosol.

    • Opening the graduation tower

    The facility measures 7,500 sq.m. of surface area and it is the largest facility of such a kind in southern Poland. Patients, tourists and the inhabitants of Wieliczka will now be able to take advantage of Wieliczka brine.


    • Opening of the Smok and Feliks Boczkowski chambers

    Two new chambers are added to the underground complex of the Health Resort, the Smok and Feliks Boczkowski chambers, which up till now included the Stajnia Gór Wschodnich (Eastern Mountains’ Stable) and Wessel Lake chambers used for therapeutic purposes.

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