Treatment chambers

The Eastern Mountains' Stable chamber
In the chamber there are two separated rooms.
The first of these offers repose and relaxation spots with a device for spraying salt aerosol - a graduation tower, at which a dozen people can take inhalations at the same time, with the acoustic and aesthetic experience contributing a state of relaxation. The section also includes a reading room and tables with seating and an exhibition on the treatment history in the "Wieliczka" Salt Mine and a showcase presenting the minerals found in the Wieliczka deposit.
The second part of the chamber offers accommodation for 28 patients, in comfortably furnished two-bed 'stalls' with rehabilitation mattresses and anti-allergic bed linen and lockers for the patients. The chamber also houses physicians' and nurse duty office with a treatment room.
The chamber offers a rich array of exercise equipment for strength and sports exercises and recreational activities such as steppers, ergometers, a treadmill and orbitreks. Professional audio-visual equipment allows conducting music therapy, deep relaxation and visualizations.
The location of the Eastern Mountains' Stable Chamber makes it easy to participate in respiratory kinesiotherapy under the supervision of qualified physiotherapy personnel and benefiting from exercise equipment in the nearby chambers.

Sanitary facilities with toilets, shower stalls, a utility and storage room are located in the immediate vicinity of the Eastern Mountains' Stable Chamber.
The Smok Chamber

The Smok Chamber is divided into fully equipped kinesistherapy area and modern inhalation room where ultrasound inhalers enable the precise selection of salt aerosol parameters such as density , temperature and intensity. Owing to these facilities, the full procedure of cleansing the bronchial tree consisting of inhalation, position drainage and patting will be carried out.

The Boczkowski Chamber

This is the only leaching chamber in the ‘ Wieliczka’ Salt Mine made accessible to the public. Due to its unique beauty was set up as a resting place for the patients. It will also be used for health education by means of multimedia equipment.




The Wessel Lake Chamber

The Wessel Lake Chamber is located on level III of the mine. After a thorough renovation, at the end of 2017 it was once again made available for patients’ use. The main attraction of the chamber is a lake filled with natural Wieliczka brine. Areas for group and individual exercise, as well as relaxation, have been set up around the lake. The chamber also includes three inhalation stations, a medical-nursing duty station, as well as a health education zone. Patients can take advantage of workout equipment – treadmills, stationary bikes, ergometers and steppers.

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