1. Is it possible to smoke underground?

    In the Mine you are forbidden to smoke, use any open fire and e-cigarettes. This is strictly regulated by mining and geological legislation.

  2. Are sessions held in weekends?

    Saturday and Sunday are days off sessions. During weekend stays, there are night time sessions.

    In addition, you can take advantage of:
    • Healthy Sleep program,
    • Healthy Saturday program.

  3. What is the difference between Health Day and Healthy Saturday?

    Health Day includes a 6-hour outpatient therapeutic stay (from Monday to Friday) underground in a salt chamber under the care of a doctor, nurse, physiotherapist on a daily basis: the program includes pulmonary rehabilitation under the conditions of subterraneotherapy.

    Healthy Saturday (only on Saturdays) is a 4-hour, active rest in an interesting place, prevention of respiratory diseases in a healthy microclimate, improvement of the physical condition, alleviation of the negative impact of smog and allergens on the body.

  4. Is there Wi-Fi coverage available underground?


  5. Is it possible to go to the ground earlier?

    It is not possible. The Health Resort is located on the third level, i.e. 135 meters below the ground, and the road to the chambers takes about 15 - 20 minutes. Patients can not move around the mine on their own, and members of the staff remain in the chambers with their patients.

  6. Is it possible to change the group during the stay?

    When you register the referral you are allocated a date of the stay with a specific group. A change of the group is possible only in exceptional situations and in the case of vacancies.

  7. How many times in a year can I take advantage of the treatment?

    Twice, because there must be a six-month break between successive stays.


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