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The health benefits of the "Wieliczka" Salt Mine Health Resort have been known and appreciated since the Renaissance. The Krakow humanist Adam Schroeter wrote,

"Salt makes us strong, 'tis the balm of all things.
The salt balm keeps man safe from any harm."

A visit to the salt chambers can soothe respiratory problems and various tiring allergies. The relaxing music, the twilight which is gentle on the eyes and the curing air will have a benficial impact on both your mood and the physical condition.

The services of the Health Resort are available to all patients with a Polish National Health Fund referral and those who buy out a paid stay. The treatment chambers are located in a unique environment, on Level III of the Wieliczka mine 135 meters underground. Patients come down into the mine by the mining elevator, and then walk to the chambers along underground galleries. Each patient is given a helmet for the route, and additionally, one in five receives a miner's lamp. The route is sometimes uneven, "as it happens in a real mine, " so you should be careful as you step along the path.

Going underground can be the perfect rest after a day full of demanding challenges, and it will certainly be a great adventure for the youngest ones. For the duration of their stay in the Health Resort, guests can book a bed at the "Salt Mill" Guest Rooms and use it as a starting point for escapades in the area, the town of Wieliczka and its vicinity offering a number of attractions to fill your spare time. On the surface, the skin treatment and care clinic is also available to the patients.

Worth knowing:

  • Please bring a photocopy of up-to-date test results (with originals available for inspection).

    • Children: complete blood count with blood cell imagery, urine results(valid 1 month).
    • Adults: complete blood count with blood cell imagery, ESR, urine results (valid 1 month), X-ray chest (valid 2 years), for persons over 40 years, ECG (valid 3 months).
    • And an identity card, proof of medical insurance, a list of medication taken, and if you have been recently hospitalised, a photocopy of the hospital discharge card.
  • You should wear warm, comfortable sports clothes and comfortable, full sports footwear (Health Resort guests staying in the Eastern Mountains' Stable Chamber should bring a change of shoes).
  • The temperature in the chamber is about 13 - 14,5° C .
  • Children and youth between 4 and 14 years of age can only stay underground under the supervision of an adult (a guardian).
  • The route to the treatment chamber is approximately 0,5 km long.
  • The first day of the stay is devoted to preliminary medical qualification.
  • Going down into the Mine is possible twice times a day, with your group assigned by the Health Resort:
    • Group A: entering the mine between 8:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m
    • Group B: entering the mine between 13:30 p.m. and 7:30 p.m. 
  • No groups go down to the mine on Sundays.

Paid Stays

Individuals or organised groups who benefit from the full offer of the Health Resort:
  • for any stay, please send an e-mail inquiry about the number of available spots.
  • you can select any number of descent days agreed with the Sales Department within the descent schedule.
  • Individual patients may for a charge benefit from the following stays underground:

  • Daytime stays include:

7-21-day outpatient stay
7-21-day comprehensive daytime stay (HB)
7-21-day comprehensive exclusive daytime STAY (FB)

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