Health Day

The Health Day is also referred to as One Day Subterraneotherapy, an innovative method of treating various respiratory illnesses.

Activities conducted by physiotherapists will allow you to rest, relax and regenerate your physical and mental forces. The Health Day is a very interesting and original way of spending your free time while taking care of your body.

For the Patient

The Health Day program includes:

  • A 6-hour stay underground.
  • Medical care by a physician, a nurse, and a physiotherapist.
  • Participation in breathing exercises.
  • Participation in general rehabilitation exercises with elements of aerobics.
  • Possibility of using rehabilitation equipment, including e.g. orbitreks, steppers, multigym and treadmill.

Worth knowing

  • You can buy out the Health Day offer for one, two or three days without having to provide valid test results. If you purchase a stay longer than three days, you will have to provide valid test results (CBC, urine, X-ray and ECG).
  • The temperature in the treatment chambers ranges between 13 and 14,5 ° C. Please bring warm, comfortable sports clothes and comfortable shoes.
  • Bring your lunch.
  • The distance between the Regis Shaft and treatment chambers is about 0,7 km.

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