Therapeutic Massage

Massage is one of the oldest therapeutic treatments. It consists in influencing the organism by mechanical stimuli, primarily by pressing on tissue to induce physiological reactions. Massage has beneficial effects for the skin and muscle tissue, joints and ligaments, as well as blood, lymphatic, nervous, respiratory, digestive, excretory and metabolic systems. Massage is closely related to other physiotherapy procedures, and is often a preparation for kinesiotherapy treatments.

For the patient

The beneficial properties of massage:

  • improves exteroception and proprioception
  • oxygenates and nourishes the tissues
  • increases the absorption of oedemas and exudates
  • improves the conduction of nerve stimuli
  • reduces muscle tension (spasticity)
  • prepares the body for physical activity, prevents injuries
  • firms and tones the skin


  • blood and lymphatic vessels disorders
  • surgical scars and adhesions
  • muscular atrophy due to inactivity
  • hypertonia
  • disc herniation syndrome
  • neuralgia
  • paralysis and paresis of neurogenic origin
  • post-traumatic and musculoskeletal overload disorders
  • chronic inflammation of joints, muscles, ligaments and tendon capsules


  • illnesses with high body temperature (above 38°C)
  • haemorrhaging, or a tendency to haemorrhage
  • acute and subacute inflammation
  • skin breaks in the massaged area
  • periods immediately following fractures, sprains and dislocations
  • osteomyelitis with fistulas
  • all kinds of dermatological changes
  • fresh clots
  • blood disorders (haemophilia)
  • infectious diseases
  • aneurysms
  • malignant and benign tumours
  • varicose veins of the calf and thigh
  • ulcers with bleeding

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