Physical therapy

Physical therapy is one of the physiotherapy methods, which uses for medicinal purposes physical stimuli such as electricity, heat and cold, light, ultrasound, magnetic field, and water in the form of showers and baths. Physical therapy plays a supporting role in treatment and supports kinesiotherapy activities by alleviating symptoms of pain. The manner in which it acts depends on the type of stimulus, its strength and the reactivity of the body.

Indications and contraindications for physical therapy depend on the type of procedure and the area where the procedure is performed.

Physical therapy is used primarily to:

  • fight pain
  • fight inflammation
  • increase general immunity and prevent infection
  • increase the efficiency of individual organs and the whole body
  • prevent disease relapse and progression

For the Patient


  • diadynamic currents
  • interference currents
  • TENS
  • Kotz currents
  • Trabert currents
  • Galvanisation
  • iontophoresis


  • BIOPTRON lamp
  • Lumina lamp

Laser therapy:

  • point probes
  • shower probe

Magnetic field:

  • two therapy applicators


  • phonophoresis

Local cryotherapy:

  • nitrogen vapours
  • carbon dioxide vapours

Światowe dziedzictwo

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