Pulmonological consultation

The Pulmonary Clinic caters for both adult and children patients suffering from respiratory system diseases.

Consultations are available by appointment.

Spirometry Laboratory

The Spirometry Laboratory specialises in conducting the package of respiratory system test, or spirometry: tests establishing the volume and flow of the respiratory tract and the measurement of nitric oxide level in exhaled air, which is necessary to determine the degree of eosinophilic inflammation in the airways.

At the patients' disposal

Qualified medical personnel:

  • physicians specialising in lung diseases
  • nurses authorised to perform spirometry tests

Modern equipment:

  • Modern spirometer with internal weather station, which allows performing tests such as spirometry, flow - volume loop, reversibility test (spirometry + diastole) and measuring maximum free ventilation. The laboratory guarantees professional spirometry testing technique, meets the requirements for daily equipment calibration and linearity testing – currently undergoing certification in this field.
  • Apparatus for measuring the level of nitric oxide in exhaled air (one of the few in Poland).
  • Peak flow meters (for measurement of peak expiratory flow rate ).
  • Pulse oximeter (oxygen saturation measurement).
  • Blood pressure.
  • Medical scales with height measurement.

Detailed information and registration

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