Scientific collaboration

The qualities of the climate and mineral resources of the salt undergrounds have successfully been used for centuries for medical purposes. An unusual method of treatment arouses interest in scientific circles as well as research and development centers in Poland. Many years of close cooperation with the Jagiellonian University Medical College and the Academy of Physical Education in Cracow, results in a better understanding of the mechanism of therapeutic effect , implementation of joint research projects  and improvement of the therapeutic process . Also an agreement on cooperation in the field of science , promotion and didactic with the Cracow Academy of Frycz Modrzewski and College of Malopolska of Jerzy Dietl, was signed.

Such cooperation aims to spread knowledge, exchange experiences and raise the standard of teaching that will enable to exploit the scientific and intellectual potential. Scientific results and the knowledge passed to students is reflected in underground practice, while using the natural resources of the historic mine.

Scientific research

Evaluation of the effectiveness of subterraneotherapy for treating vocal tract ailments applying laryngograph analyses

The project executed since 2014 under the supervision of Jolanta Zielińska Ph.D., Eng., professor of the Pedagogical University in Cracow, includes the assessment of larynx and vocal cord function of patients treated at the “Wieliczka” Salt Mine using a laryngograph.


Biological monitoring in the ‘Wieliczka” Healt Resort

The project has been implemented from 2012 by University Hospital of the Jagiellonian University Medical College. It includes regular analysis of the concentration of pollen , fungal spores , dust mite allergen and bacteriological testing using the following test methods: volumetric , collision and immunochemical .


'Mechanism of subterraneotherapy in the treatment of respiratory diseases.'

 Started in 2013, a research project’ Mechanism of subterraneotherapy in the treatment of respiratory diseases’ under the supervision of Dr. hab. MD Ewa Czarnobilska - Head of Department of Clinical and Environmental Allergology , at the Jagiellonian University . The aim of the planned research is to explain the action mechanism of subterraneotherapy and efficiency of such treatment for patients with respiratory disorders .


Aeromycological research in the underground facilities

In 2013, scientists from the University of Life Sciences conducted aeromycological and bacteriological research in underground excavations of the ‘Wieliczka’ Salt Mine. It is a part of a project involving the analysis of bacteria and fungi concentrations in various underground tourist and utility facilities.



The "Wieliczka" Salt Mine Health Resort co-operates with scientific institutions and medical institutions in Poland and throughout the world in the field of, among others, subterraneotherapy, speleotherapy and balneology and physical medicine. Over the years, representatives of the Health Resort organised and took part in important events, medical symposia, conferences and workshops on diseases treated in the Wieliczka mine.

October 2014, International Symposium of Speleotherapy 

The 15th International Speleotherapy Symposium took place in the “Wieliczka” Salt Mine between 23-25 October 2014, at a venue which is the birthplace of applying the properties of the climate existing within underground spaces as a treatment method. Here the latest research results were presented on the effectiveness and the mechanisms of subterraneotherapy conducted by independent scientific bodies and medical centres. The symposium was attended by physicians, scientists and managers from several countries, including, amongst others, Ukraine, Germany, Italy, Romania, USA, and Canada. The final report prepared in Wieliczka describes the current directions of activities of the International Speleotherapy Commission as well as the criteria which have to be met by the centres providing health treatment services in the area of subterraneotherapy.


October 2014, international conference “Advances in Pneumology”

An international conference took place in Wieliczka between 17-18 October 2014 dedicated to the latest achievements associated with research on the respiratory system. The conference is organised alternately in Poland and in Germany and in 2014 it was held at the Health Resort of the “Wieliczka” Salt Mine, a dynamically developing treatment and research pulmonology centre.
The conference “Advances in Pneumology” was organised by three centres: the Health Resort of the “Wieliczka” Salt Mine, the Institute of Psychology at the University in Opole, and HELIOS Klinikum Wuppertal, Bergisches Lungenzentrum, Germany. All three centres are well known on the international forum thanks to their enormous scientific and clinical achievements. The conference was attended by scientists and physicians from research centres, hospitals and educational institutions from all over the world. The research results for controlling asthma of patients treated in our Health Resort were presented during one of the scientific sessions.


April 2014- signing the co-operation agreement with the Pedagogical University in Cracow


In  April 2014, the ‘Wieliczka’ Salt Mine Health Resort and the Pedagoghical University in Cracow signed the co-operation agreement. The partnership initiates the implementation of joint projects and research, as well as the organization of workshops and training sessions for students.

As part of one of the planned projects, the scientists from the Pedagogical University will examine the impact of the brine inhalation therapy and the underground treatment on the larynx of the Health Resort patients.


December 2013 - Confirmation of the therapeutic properties of brine

The Mine obtained a certificate attesting to the healing properties of Wieliczka brines . Water from two underwater spontaneous outflows (W-VII-16 and the W-VI-32) can be used for therapeutic baths and production of salt aerosol. The curative brine comes from the depth of 255m (level VII) and 235 m ( level VI). Healing brine comes from the depth of 255 m (level VII) and 235 m (level VI) . National Institute of Public Health - National Institute of Hygiene stated that it meets the requirements specified for mineral therapeutic water. The water was tested and microbiological, isotopic and physiochemical analysis were performed. It was also determined that the specific component that gives its medicinal properties is mineralization

Brine baths can be used according to medical indication specifying in particular, the number and frequency of treatments. They are recommended primarly for locomotor system diseases (both of degenerative and rheumatic type),post-traumatic osteoarthrisis and also vegetative neurosis. The brine from spontaneous outflow W-VII-16 can also be used for producing salt aerosol in graduation tower construction located on the ground surface.


October 2013 - International Pulmonary Conference "Advances in Pneumology" in Kassel, Germany

This event is organized periodically by the Polish Academy of Science. Specialists in pulmonology, allergology, family medicine and those involved in physiology and mechanisms of breathing have an opportunity to exchange experiences and opinions on their fields of study. During the conference the results of a research project on the biological purity of air in salt chambers of the Health Resort, implemented in collaboration with the Jagiellonian University Medical College, were shown. The program of pulmonary rehabilitation conducted in the only Polish Underground Health Resort was also presented.

Next year’s edition of the conference ‘Advances in Pneumology’ will be held in underground chambers of the ‘Wieliczka’ Salt Mine


September 2013 - XXIV Balneological Congress in Swieradow Zdroj

An international event organized by the Polish Association of Balneology and Physical Medicine which covered topics in the field of climatology, health resort geology, balneotherapy. During the meeting a managerial session for the management board of health resort treatment, with representatives of the Ministry of Health and the National Health Fund, was held.

Scientific work:” The comparison of bioaerosol content in the air of the salt chambers in ‘Wieliczka’ Salt Mine Health Resort and the air of Cracow” was presented as a part of poster session.


May 2013 - in underground chambers of the "Wieliczka" Salt Mine, session on allergology, within the VII Congress of Medical Polonia, was held

Scientific session led by Professor. dr hab. Grzegorz Kruszewski, MD - National Consultant in the field of Allergy and prof. dr hab. MD Krystyna Obtułowicz - plenipotentiary of the Chancellor of the Jagiellonian University for Cooperation with the Mine. On behalf of the Regional Medical Chamber in Cracow ,MD Jerzy Pasadyn - Regional Consultant for Balneology and Physical Medicine, was watching over the course of the session. Participants of the Congress had an opportunity to attend lectures on the progress of modern medicine in the field of allergology and the use of subterraneotherapy in the treatment of allergic diseases.

At the end of the session, doctors visited the underground base of Underground Health Resort.


On May 6, 2009 a conference of the Polish High Medical Council is held at the "Wieliczka" Salt Mine

accompanied by deliberations on the amendments to the Act on health resorts. The conference is attended by the representatives of the Polish Ministry of Health, the National Health Fund, Wieliczka local authorities, the High Medical Council - Health Resorts Unit and the mine management. The conference was chaired by the SMC Health Resorts Unit President, Jerzy Pasadyn, MD. During the conference, the President of the High Medical Council, Konstanty Radziwill, states that the "Wieliczka" Salt Mine merits being awarded the status of an underground Health Resort.


2008 - The "Advances in Pneumology" International Conference

in Poznan, during which aspects of respiratory illnesses treatment and rehabilitation are discussed. Health Resort representatives present a paper on pulmonary rehabilitation in the subterraneotherapy conditions at the “Wieliczka” Salt Mine, and a promotional stand provides detailed information about the methods of treatment offered at the mine.

Health Resort representatives participate in XIII International Speleotherapy Symposium at Blansko along with the representatives of major speleotherapy centres from the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Ukraine, Romania, Slovenia, Austria and Poland. During the symposium, the results of research on microclimate factors in karst caves and mines are presented, the effectiveness of speleotherapy treatment is discussed, and pioneers of speleotherapy are honoured. The participants also discuss the research directions and activities which would ensure the development of speleotherapy in the future.


2005 - XX Balneological Congress Krynica 2005.

The International Scientific Conference devoted to the treatment activities of the “Wieliczka” Salt Mine attracts many prominent researchers in the field of balneology and physical medicine from Poland, U.S.A., Czech Republic, Germany, Slovakia, Hungary, Turkey, Russia and Belarus.


June 2005 - A co-operation agreement between the Academy of Physical Education in Krakow

and the "Wieliczka" Salt Mine is signed. Each year, the Health Resort organises practicums for students and offers clinical activities for the fourth and fifth year SUM students in Physiotherapy.


January 2004 - An agreement on mutual co-operation between the Jagiellonian University

and the "Wieliczka" Salt Mine is signed on research, teaching and research matters regarding the use of the mine's climatic values and mineral resources for treatment purposes.

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