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The unique interior the "Wieliczka" Salt Mine attracts visitors by its one-of-a-kind underground ambience, but it is far from the only thing that it has to offer. The treatment microclimate of the underground chambers Health Resort, rich in sodium chloride and a number of micronutrients, constitutes an excellent object of research for scientists, physicians and figures of authority in the medical fields which are practised in the Wieliczka mine.

Based on the healing properties of the microclimate, an active pulmonary rehabilitation program, has been developed, certified by regional and national medical authorities, including: 

  • National Allergy Consultant Allergy Professor Krystyna Obtulowicz, 
  • National Balneology and Physical Medicine Consultant Professor Irena Ponikowski, 
  • Regional Balneology and Physical Medicine Consultant Jerzy Pasadyn, Ph.D.,  
  • Regional Rehabilitation Medicine Consultant Wojciech Szwarczyk, Ph.D. The 

Wieliczka mine is a source of health and knowledge.

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